Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Cookie Explosion #7 - A Huge Cookie Making Party

You know what's really fun? Especially if you have kids or nieces/nephews to share with? Making cookies for them to decorate. If the holidays can get you down, like I'm feeling right now, this is a good way to make them fun again. After all, even if things aren't going your way, it's hard to be upset or sad when you are decorating cookies.

My niece is going through the terrible teenagers...she's handling it quite well and has some grace about her that I have never had, and which I'm jealous of...I'm grateful for her grace - especially when her aunt shows up at her door with boxes of cookie dough and hands her a rolling pin...

We did have a ton of fun though. And, when we were done, there were cookies over every surface of the entire house. Even her Mom helped us decorate!

First up - gingerbread men! Well, Men and women! For some reason, Fawn was obsessed with making sure all the gingerbread men and women were properly clothed. After I made a bikini for one, we had to make a matching boyfriend for her...The muscle shirt was Fawn's touch. Aren't they a cute couple?

The snowmen weren't so lucky in the clothing department. They only got buttons and hats. I don't know if we were just tired, or were going for a minimalist look. We did some mini snowmen and mini-angels and sandwiched them together with some icing. All of our angels had flame wings.

We used a variety of things to decorate with, including colored frosting, edible markers, licorish, mini m&m's, and various candies. It's fun to go to a bulk store or a candy store before your party and look for cute edible things to decorate with.

We also made some cookie press cookies - cream cheese wreaths and almond trees. Those brought back a lot of memories!

If you have kids around, or want to turn your all grown up friends into kids again, have a cookie decorating party! You won't regret it

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  1. Love these Christmas cookies. We also host fun family Xmas bash at home every year and also in Christmas holidays we have an outdoor family holiday bash too. Last year it was a snowman themed bash that we hosted at outdoor party venue New York. It was just a blasting party.